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SEO for actors

June 23, 2011

Here the it is, unless you’re name is a household name, no one’s going to be searching for your acting services by just your name. With that said, they will use keywords. Some keywords might be: “professional actor” or “actor in ____” or “character actor” – or any other combination of words you can think of.  For the best SEO for actors’ success, use keyword phrases with 2 to 3 words, these are specific enough not to be competing with thousands upon thousands of similar keywords, but, this will result in enough people searching for them to drive traffic to your site.  Choosing proper keywords and keyword placement is a whole other can of worms; we will talk about this later. Word to wise if the bots can’t see it, it does not help.

There are tips and tricks to make your site SEO – standout to the organic results of the search engines meaning: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and just about any other one you can think of, SEO for actors is critical at the start of a career.

Here is a list of some common mistakes that could be made when a site is SEO. hopes this will help you find what is wrong with your current site, and improve your ranking.

The 5 DONTS of SEO

1. Try not to use splash or flash intro’s into you website, SEO bots will go right over it, this could hurt your ranking in SEO or in search engines.

2. DO NOT use Flash, or graffic tiffs, this will hurt your SEO for actors

3. When someone does not lands on your site, don’t have music start right away, let him or her hear your audio files and their lessure.

4. Remember, add Meta tags, having a title and description Meta tags are crucial.

5. Try and purchase your own domain name. It looks more professional. Impress your potential clients.

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