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Head shots In NYC

August 3, 2011

One of the top things you will need if you are going to be an actor, singer, or performing artist in NYC is a set of Head Shots . Your Head Shots will be the calling card an actor, singer, or performing artist uses to get into the audition in NYC. When getting your Head Shots done you should be looking for a number of things, these are some of the more important things:

  • High Resolution Print Quality Pictures on a Disk
  • Low Resolution Web Quality Pictures on a Disk
  • Color Copy
  • Black & White Copy
Having these four elements with your head shots will allow you to print out your head shot, email them, and show different sides of your abilities.
Most Head Shot Photographers in NYC will offer these formats for your Head Shots. Make sure of the cost and the quality you are given as there are many NYC photographers. There are many photographers in NYC who take head shots, make sure you connect with your head shot photographer and see “eye to eye”.
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Head Shot Photographer NYC